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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

tonight i went for a slow 3 mile run. my legs felt stiff; my hip flexors and my knee in particular. i didn't stretch well before sunday nights run and i'm sure throwing in a sprinting fit at the end didn't help. i guess i'm an old man. no way would i have felt stiff after running 5 miles "back in the day". oh well.

sbd day 1/2:
i didn't want to wait any longer to start up the sbd. i had to improvise because i didn't have anything prepped. if there is one word to describe this plan, its prep.

so i guess i will call this day 1/2. i survived. the next couple of days are going to be tough. i miss drinking diet c0ke and i miss snacking. usually in the morning i have a granola bar or a protein bar (basically a candy bar eh?).

not having a sugar snack in the morning made me a little agitated and fidgety.

breakfast was a half of a can of vegetable juice (gross but i wanted to try to choke it down), egg beaters, and then a tall decaff latte from sbucks when i arrived at work.

morning snack was vegetables with 1 laughing c0w.

lunch was mixed greens with turkey, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, black pepper, some walnuts, no dressing.

afternoon snack was sf gelatin, and 1 string cheese.

dinner was 1/2 of a chicken breast and another small mixed greens salad with a sprinkle of low fat mozz cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a little evoo.

i had another sf gelatin for dessert, with some low fat whip cream.


  • Sounds to me like you did a pretty good job, considering your lack of prep time!! I love the huge gob of whipped cream on your little cup of jello!! Tee hee. Looks pretty good!

    What if gf gets you a big Easter basket full of candy?!?!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:40 PM  

  • Dude, you can do it.

    Think about it this way - that Diet Coke and those granola/candy bars weren't really doing anything FOR you.

    So for a couple of weeks, only eat things that give you back something good.

    Make sure to snack, though - don't let yourself go hungry. Sliced turkey, veggies, etc.

    2 weeks to Phase 2!

    By Blogger Nic, at 11:36 PM  

  • You can do it - it's tough - SB is a good eating plan.

    By Blogger Susan, at 2:53 PM  

  • You can do it!! Great job with the dieting.

    By Blogger Rae, at 9:21 PM  

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