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Saturday, March 18, 2006

a sunny saturday run

i had a satisfying run today (saturday)! YEAH!!! mid-morning, i had no intentions of running today because it was cold out (and i was pouting)--i just figured i'd push it off until sunday and use that stupid treadmill.

the sun was out in full force in the afternoon and i was itching. itching! i think it was in the high 30's. i drove over to the lakes and knocked out 7.8 miles with very steady ~10 min/mile pacing. it felt really good to get this long run in, very good!

i was very deliberate about making sure my effort level was no greater than a comfortable pace that i could hold for the whole time, without being TOO tired. it just happened to be around that 10:00 area so i stuck with it. my average HR was below 150 too so that tells me the pace i chose was a good one.

i finished up the last couple miles just a tad faster because a dog was scampering after me, with the owner attached to the leash. one of those deals where the owner wanted to let the dog get in some running, at my expense! stupid. they stayed close behind me, but the dog was nipping at my heals (albeit at a 10:00 pace). there was no way the owner could keep up with me for long though, hehe. i felt like saying, and this is my mile 6 you wuss! ha ha. an excuse to get myself fired up to finish the run anyway.

i felt so great at the end of the run. i even gave a fist pump! gotta love running. i'm excited to see how the spring and summer training progress. should be fun times!


  • Great job!! MN was on our news last week showing all the snow you guys got. Glad you got out and enjoyed the day!!

    By Blogger Rae, at 9:25 PM  

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