Poignant Irrelevance

Saturday, November 12, 2005

earlier today i ran 5.2 miles-- 2 laps around nokomis. it was pretty great overall. it was quiet, not as many people out. the leaves were very still. i got tired on the last mile because i started out too fast. i have no idea how to pace myself anymore because i am actually capable of running faster (faster, in relative terms). it was warm out again today (upper 50's) so i have not purchased any gear as of yet.

9:27 (stoplight)
8:05 (pace for the last 0.2 mile)

on the last 0.2 mile i made it my goal to catch this one chick who was running over the evil bridge. it was against the wind and into the rain. i caught her and passed her before the bridge ended-- that was a fun challenge even though she wasn't racing and didn't know i was hauling toward her.

i might run again tomorrow to work off this dinner i had tonight .

now i'm bored.