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Friday, January 29, 2010

I had to confront an excruciatingly difficult decision this week as it relates to my career. The only decision I've faced that has been in the same realm (of difficulty) was the decision to buy the house we are currently living in. I view this decision as more difficult because I had to choose between two paths that will ultimately impact not just me, but my wife as well. I've never had two career options presented to me at the same time, and it seemed to be more difficult because of where we are at in our lives. It was super tough!! Super, super tough. I took a pass on the easiest route; I volunteered for more stress, less sleep, less exercise, and a greater time commitment. Am I following my passion? Yes, to a greater degree. But at what cost?

The decision has been made and now I need to try to look forward. I will try.

I didn't eat much or work out this week because of my stress level. Hey usually I eat all kinds of things when I'm stressed! Hmmm.

Does the video work now? It seemed to work for me tonight but it wasn't working yesterday. Hehe, maybe I'll post it again?

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go "trail" running in frigid weather. Seems like a stupid idea.


  • More stress by choice is often fun. However, make time for something physical - it pays off in the end.

    By Blogger Jank, at 10:06 PM  

  • Congratulations and good luck on whatever the decision was. Don't second-guess yourself; there is no absolute "right" choice in career decisions. When I'm thinking "I should have..." taken another option, I remind myself that if I had, perhaps a meteor would have killed me on my first day.

    See? I can make any situation depressing. It's a gift.

    By Blogger gingersnapper, at 7:00 AM  

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