Poignant Irrelevance

Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Saturday I ran for 90 minutes. My avg HR was 150. My right hamstring still bothers me! Unbelievable.

On Monday I'm looking forward to the p9ox chest and back workout again. I also simply have to find a way to work in more cardio this week.

I looked ahead at p9o weeks 5-7 and it turns out you are supposed to do 2 workouts a day (weights and cardio), so that makes more sense to me in terms of how someone would even have a shot at getting "ripped" on this program.

My wife was out of town visiting her parents over the last few days so I was up later than usual and now I'm feeling exhausted! I spent a lot of hours putting together and analyzing our budget. I constructed a sweet powerpoint presentation for my wife. hehe. Its has pretty charts, graphs, and even some fun sound effects! hehehe. I can't help it, I love that stuff.

Ok I gotta go.


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