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Monday, January 04, 2010

Tonight I went to p90x week 5, day 1: chest, shoulders, triceps. Around half way through the routine I couldn't even do 1 push-up. And I could barely do them on my knees. This routine is heavy on the triceps, and mine are real weak! This workout went really fast though, I hope the other routines in this phase 2 section are all decent.

There's an older gal on the DVD doing regular pushups nearly the whole way through, and she doesn't even look that buff to me. Crazy. What the heck?!

I think I'm supposed to be on week 4, which is a cut-back week. But since we were out of town for the week of Christmas, I only lifted weights twice. So forget week 4, I'm moving right to week 5. Over my Christmas vacation I kept asking myself, Why in the world did I try to start this program before the holidays? My diet has been weak but I'm getting it back on track, do not worry!

Not much is new I guess. I still ruminate about my career all day and what I want to be doing.

We are actually quite busy these days which leads to my lack of posts, but its kind of boring to just recap all the stuff we have going on. Fun family get-togethers, game nights, travel, hockey games, date nights, Christmas plays, shopping, new years eve family fun, sledding, hanging with family in Los Angeles, so on and so forth. One of the fun things we did in LA was spend $600 at a fancy sushi restaurant downtown. It was way fun...I think there were ten of us and we had a big gift certificate so we didn't have to worry about the cost of what we ordered...fun times!
We had all sorts of funky sushi that I wouldn't normally order. Just about everything was super tasty.

Oh hey--in mid-December I became obsessed with buying a new gadget (this bug bites me once or twice a year). Guess what I ended up with? An ipod touch. It could be the most amazing device I have ever purchased. it is totally amazing. Last night I couldn't sleep and ended up placing a small order for a Total Market Index Fund in my brokerage account from my ipod touch...seriously, this barely scratches the surface of what you can do with this thing. Its mind blowing. One day I'll be able to click on a toast icon while I'm brusing my teeth, and I'll come downstairs to spread the peanut butter.

(fyi the trade was filled at 8:31:01 on Monday morning)


  • Hey there! Congrats about being in week 4/5 of P90X. Its a great program, I did it, and now i am doing the P90X plus program. I'm a Beachbody coach as well.


    We're also doing a motivational email if you are interested.


    By Anonymous will, at 11:31 AM  

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