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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 2 begins

On Monday of this week, I began week "2". I say "2" because it technically occurred on day 11 or 12 relative to my day 1.

Weeks 1-3 follow the same workouts. Frankly, I was in shock that I could complete more of every variety of push-up! Wha???? COOL. For example, one type of push-up is called a diamond push-up: you place your hands very close together and under your chest (so these are like close grip bench presses that work your triceps as well as chest).

On week 1 my muscles were too fatigued at this point in the routine, I couldn't even do 1 diamond push-up. Well hotdog if I couldn't do 5 yesterday, sweet. Again, that's not going to make me ripped or whatnot but it felt good to improve and so forth. It also plants Hope and makes ya wonder what ya might feel like on day 90.

In addition to my chest and back workout on Monday morning at 5:30AM, I also ran for about an hour when I got home from work. I think tonight I'll probably only do p90x day 2, which is called plyometrics. That workout reminds me a lot of the football days ("break-down, hit!").

So, you know how you resolve right after you eat a big bag of candy, that you're never going to eat another bag of candy ever again ? And that you are going to use your big strong willpower muscles to simply resist any future urges to by any candy? And you are 100% confident that you are strong enough to resist? How come that goes away in a day and you find yourself with a bag of candy in your hands? HUH? HUH?


  • I still can't do the diamond push-ups. :) Good for you!

    By Anonymous april anne, at 8:23 PM  

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