Poignant Irrelevance

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I fell once on our "trail" run through the snow. Not normally a big deal, but I had unknowingly dropped my car key as I hit the ground. Doh! I realized it was missing about a half-mile away. We turned and ran back; sure enough, I found my car key on the ground right where I had hit the deck.

We decided we won't ever do that again. Turns out running through the snow in the woods is not really that fun (think sinking into the snow and practically breaking your ankles trying to maneuver through uneven, snow filled terrain). Actually, it was hilarious for a while. But eventually it became frustrating.

They have huge, wide groomed trails but they are only supposed to be used for skiing. We snuck onto the edge of those groomed trails quite a bit because floundering through the snow otherwise sucked after a while. But we both felt guilty about it because we were obviously ruining a small portion of the trail for skiiers that would no doubt later be cursing under their breath about some idiot runners making tracks on the groomed trails.

Trail running in the summer is much more fun. Nonetheless it was a good workout and I'm pooped!


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