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Friday, May 08, 2009

tc 1 mile race, and a funny story

I lined up near the front of the 30-39 yr old age groupers, just behind my buddy (and also behind a friend of my brothers that I happened to bump into before the race).

I sucked, AGAIN! I just don't see why I can't get myself to run 1 mile closer to 6 minutes. Dangit! It's very frustrating even though it doesn't matter one way or the other.

I finished in 6:21, better than my 6:28 from last year (although the course setup was a tad easier this year).

According to my recent 10k race result, I should have been able to run 1-mile in 6:15. But you know what? After I downloaded my run, I noticed it said I ran 6.02 miles at exactly 6:15 pace. Oh well whatever. That makes me feel a LITTLE better but not really.

Why can't I run a 6 minute mile! Ugh!! When it starts to hurt, my brain tells my legs to go a little slower and I can't turn off that voice inside my head.

Check out my splits below. My strategy was to start out with a bang and try to hang on. Everything went according to plan, until I couldn't hang on anymore. Oh the pain! Everyone was hacking and wheezing at the finish, myself included. My throat and my lungs hurt, and it was hard to swallow for a while.

GOOD TIMES. Even though its a weird distance for me and its over so quickly, its a fun race.

My Other Story

Because I follow some pro runners on twitter, I knew Ryan Hall would be at the race to watch his wife (she finished 2nd among elite women).

I stopped off at Walgr77ns on my way to the race to pick up a felt tip pen. My plan was to wander around the starting area until I spotted the elite runners, then ask R.H. to sign my bib. Thereafter, I would throw out the pen so I could run the race.

I couldn't find them at the start, so I ran the whole mile carrying the pen in my right hand. HA HA! I wonder if there will be pictures. Right after I crossed the finish, I slipped the pen into my amphipod (the pen was too long so it poked out and was too uncomfortable to run with).

I watched the elite racers, and after a while I finally spotted Hall. I walked up to him, interrupted his conversation with someone, shook his hand and congratulated him on Boston. I told him I was a huge fan, and apologized for interrupting but he said, oh no problem. Then I asked him if he would be willing to sign to which he said sure. I told him I followed him on twitter and he chuckled. Heh.

here is a short video i took w/my phone of the 1st and 2nd place women, right near the finish.


  • OOOOOH, so cool!!! there are so few people I would really care about having an autograph from and he's one of them. pretty sweet.

    By Anonymous Audrey, at 4:47 PM  

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