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Thursday, April 02, 2009

i don't know what to write here anymore, have you noticed? i've been using twitter a lot more lately because its the easy way out and with the blog i feel more pressure to write some sort of grand entry.

so you should follow me on twitter if you want to track my extremely interesting daily revelations.

last night i went to the gym w/my wife. good times! she went to a kickboxing class for an hour. i climbed stairs hard for 11 minutes as a warm-up, then i went through a decent circuit routine for about a 1/2 hour. i did high rep step-ups with 30s (4 boxes high); 20 with left leg, then immediately followed by 20 right leg, then i went right into curls, then rest a few, then again, and again. my heart rate was definitely up there. i also did some bench press, and 2 shoulder exercises. the gym was packed! i didn't feel like running on the treadmill with the masses.

after my circuit routine i practiced my racquetball serve and hit the ball around for about 20 minutes. i could barely hold the racquet following my weight routine though. racquetball league tonight!

despite the fact that i got sick in march and only ran 5 out of the last 16 days in the month, it was my best march ever in terms of miles:
-March '09: 134.0 miles in 20 hours (8:53 pace)
-March '08: 79.1 miles in 11h 54m (9:02--includes a 5 mi. race at 7:39 pace)
-March '07: 100.1 miles in 15h 01m (9:01)
-March '06: 51.0 miles in 8h 9m (9:36)
-March '05: 15-20 miles?

hopefully i can continue to build my running base throughout the spring. and keep lifting weights. and lose body fat.


  • your posts are always grand brent :) maybe your best march ever means it will be your best running year ever? hmmmmm....

    By Anonymous Audrey, at 9:44 AM  

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