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Friday, March 27, 2009

more racquetball

it was league meeting #2 last night. i was still feeling a bit under the weather and was coughing, but since we only meet once a week (and i missed last week) i wanted to show up.

i played about 7 or 8 games but didn't win any (the girl was a no-show). i think i improved though. my scores were approximately: 0,2,0,5, 4,6,2. something like that. i should probably knock myself down to a 'C' player...they start with 4 points. i feel funny giving myself a 4 point advantage though, it just doesn't seem right.

my serve is my achilles heal. its weak. stating the obvious here: you can only score points when you are serving, so its important to have a decent serve.

i bet there are at least a dozen different types of serves.
let me give you one example:

The lob Z backhand serve to the backhand side.

this is the only serve i can currently execute: lob serve.

everyone knows all these serves and they mix it up all game long. racquetball is a bit more technical than i expected. its fun to learn all this crap though. one of the main goals as i see it, is to put your opponent into a defensive position so they can't attack...at which point YOU attack. if you don't have any sort of strategy with your opponent, and simply try to hit the ball back and forth, you stand no chance.


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