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Monday, May 04, 2009

quick training update

For those not following along on twitter, I ended up running 18.5 miles in 2:47 on Saturday. I had only planned to run about 16 but I felt like I was floating out there. I felt great.

I ran the first half at 9:19 pace, and the second half at 8:45 pace. Very encouraging. No soreness or anything on Sunday.

For the week, I ran a total of 53.3 miles. If things keep progressing like this, I'm going to shoot for a 70-mile week this summer. This morning I took a look at my training log from last summer and only once did I exceed a 53-mile week: 58 miles during the week of July 21.

In other training-related news, I have purchased my first pair of 'running' sunglasses. Yeah that's right, not once in 5 years have I ever donned a pair of sunglasses while running. Very bad, very bad. I'll test 'em out today. I was close to throwing down about $100 for a pair of fancy nike sunglasses but I felt like that price included $20 for the glasses, and $80 for the swoosh.

I chose to spend $20 for a decent-looking pair at a discount sporting goods store.


  • Wow, those times are great! I remember when you used to run about 14:00 (oh no wait that was me).

    I think you are right about the swoosh :-) plus I would think about the likelihood of dropping them and having them trampled by 50 runners. I'd rather that happened to the $20 pair.

    By Blogger Marla, at 6:17 AM  

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