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Friday, February 20, 2009

yesterday was a scheduled off day from running, but i went to the gym around 7:45pm to lift some weights. my chest is sore this morning! i went heavier on bench press, using the smith machine (like so). i love mixing in the smith machine because i can go heavier without worrying about needing a spotter. good times! i think i might be stronger now than i was in college, but my bodyfat % is higher so nobody knows about my newfound super human strength except me. heh.

it takes me forever to turn the diet around. it feels like a cruise ship that needs to make a u-turn. but alas, i will continue to make strides without giving up.

yesterday i went to a place called trader joes. its kind of like an organic grocery store i think? i bought a bag of raw vegetables because i was really craving them. i came home and munched away on carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. i spent around $15 total which included bananas, light brie (sp?) cheese, soy milk, bagged salad, and some bread.

i haven't signed up for the marathon yet. this week is my trial week..i've been following the schedule to see how i feel. i should have a better idea after saturday's long run.


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