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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

going for a spin

currently watching hockey in HD, boston vs. san jose. awesome game; 2 best teams in the NHL. sharks with 3 unanswered goals in 3rd period, 10 minutes left in the game. i'm rooting for boston because they have an ex MN player on the team (wheeler). plus the sharks are an archrival of my hometown club, the mn wild. stupid san jose! they are so pesky; a tough team to beat.

today i went "spinning" for the first time in my life. the class started just after noon...i waited until i felt like i hated it until i looked at the clock. which was 12:10! ha ha. i made it 10 whole minutes before i thought, man this sucks!

biking is not my thing but it was fun to try something different. i'll be back again. my AHR for 35 minutes was around 135 but that includes about 5 - 8 minutes of a cooldown and a stretch. i had the heart rate up to low 160's at one point which sucked, i felt light headed. good times though! i particularly liked having someone else control my workout for once, which was interesting. kind of like personal training...just show up, follow directions, work hard, sweat, repeat.

my biggest fear about spinning is that everyone is crammed into one small room, and i feel like after a short period of time i start to get stinky! i will let you know whem someone says something to me, heh.

things accomplished today:
-unloaded dishwasher
-2 loads of laundry, mostly workout crap
-restocked my protein shake supply
-picked up around the house a little bit
-not much else


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