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Monday, February 16, 2009

new marathon thoughts

i have been thinking about signing up for a May marathon to sharpen my focus.

the good:
-cardio becomes more focused and diligent
-i'll get back into marathon shape (roughly -10 or -15 lbs from current)
-i have the time
-i love the way long runs make me feel
-its only 15 weeks out
-good motivation to sharpen the diet
-provides the spark to get in shape for a summer honeymoon
-a summer honeymoon could put a wrinkle into training for a fall marathon

the bad:
-winter mileage has been weak, therefore i'm more prone to injury by jumping into training
-its only 15 weeks out (i'd rather have 18 weeks, particularly given my current shape)
-i love weight training and the variety of cross training, and marathon training takes away from both
-it can be all-consuming from a mental perspective (i have a 7-miler today, this weekend i'm supposed to run 13, then next weekend i run 15, then on monday i run, then after that i have to, then, and after that, and friday i need to be in bed early, and i'm booked every saturday morning, and then, and also, but,)
-the water pumps around the lakes won't be on until near the end of training, so i'd have to carry water with me for a couple hours every saturday, ugh.
-this would not be a PR marathon, as my weight needs to come down plus my winter mileage was not record-setting

p.s. grandma's 'thon is 18 weeks out from today but the cost and inconvenience is not something that seems justifiable...i checked the hotel list and most things are full already anyway.


  • I love how you're planning your honeymoon(s). Have I mentioned how lucky the former GF is?

    I say if you're psyched for it now, do it now.

    By Blogger Marla, at 5:00 PM  

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