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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

gym stuff

i can't stand it when people don't rack their weights when they have finished. its my biggest gym-related pet peeve. so rude man! rack it. how are we supposed to know who is using what if you don't put the crap back? in addition, we shouldn't have to rack your weights for you, in order to put on our own specific weight amt.

the gym was really busy tonight. i saw 2 women working out together, bench pressing the exact same amount. but they each used their own bench! bench pressing the same weight, side by side in a packed gym. ridiculous. i mean, i'm glad they made it to the gym but thats just ridiculous.

there is a couple that lifts together and they always take up 2 benches (and 2 squat racks etc.) but that doesn't bother me much because the weight they lift is so different.

i completed 30 sets tonight; it took about an hour. i wrote out my routine before getting to the gym, which was super helpful. but i think i went a little overboard? hmm, i'll see how it goes. i did roughly 2 exercises / body part * 3 sets per exercise.

in february i plan to clean up the diet more. january was a great month of eliminating a lot of bad habits that accumulated following the marathon (and continued on through the holidays), but i'm not seeing the results i feel like i should be seeing. in february i will make adjustments and turn it up, see how that goes.


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