Poignant Irrelevance

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

on tap for today: 10 miles. i'm dying to get out there but i hired a 'handyman' to fix toilet #3 and he went back to check on another job and to get some additional supplies. ugh, this better be no more than $100.

as soon as he finishes, i'm lacing up the running shoes and blasting out of here. temp should be low 30's which is just fine.

i already updated my itunes playlist. and breakfast today: old school oatmeal w/banana, coconut oil, soy milk. lots of carbs, i should be ready to rock. frankly i might have a protein shake shortly because i sense it'll be a couple hours before i'll be able to run.

last night my wife wanted to try spinning for the first time. she hated it! not unexpected however; i told her that basically nobody likes spinning but you feel better when you're done. she did great.

i need to lift weights. i haven't decided if that'll be tonight (we'll see how i feel after my run), or tomorrow.

chicken fajitas for dinner last night...


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