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Friday, January 16, 2009


i went to sp0rts auth0rity earlier today (love that store) and purchased a few new pairs of running shorts, a few t-shirts, and a new running sweatshirt (heh).

i also bought myself a shiny new racquetball racket because the grip on the racket i've had since about '00 is disintegrating. shortly thereafter, i went to the gym and hit the ball around. 2 strings on my new racket broke in about 20 minutes! dumb. maybe instead of exchanging the racket, i should return it and try to re-grip my old one.

i'm trying to psych myself up to join the gym's racquetball league and/or show up for one of the tournaments they conduct on random saturdays. it's a fun sport. beat the ball as hard as you can into the corners, run around, hit ball again, repeat.

i'll let you know when i get the guts to play with a stranger. i believe the new league doesn't start up until march but i'll investigate.

as i mentioned, i hit the ball around for 20-minutes until my racket broke (maybe my weightlifting is backfiring? ha), then i ran about 6 total miles on the 'mill. its still super cold here, single digits.


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