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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the gym

hey we joined a gym!

the temps have been frigid here this month (below zero) and i just can't do the below zero running outdoors man. that wreaked havoc with any consistent running (plus we have been so freakin' busy).

in addition, i finally used my last 2 personal training sessions this month, and i realized my weights at home just won't cut it. they are ok for a stop-gap measure but i began to get frustrated with the lack of variety. plus i couldn't do squats.

third, the culmination of my sub-4, wedding, and my job stress led to a swan dive off of the proverbial fitness cliff! dang, i hate it when that happens. i had been running and lifting once in a while since october but not enough to keep the weight down. let us not forget that i am a stress-snacker. cookies. love cookies.

so anway i love my new gym, it is awesome. they have over 40 treadmills, 6 stairmaster things, and the weightroom is sweet! and lots of smith machines, which are awesome for squats. the club has only been open for about a year so everything is new. with the joining fee included, it comes out to about $34 per person per month -- however my wife's insurance will knock off another $20 per mo. for her dues. woo hoo!

we joined saturday and then i had me an awesome lifting session on sunday. i haven't been this strong since college. not to brag, i wasn't very strong in college, heheh. i have been trying to get back into weightlifting for years and years, but it didn't click until i threw down some coin for the personal training sessions last spring.

on monday i climbed stairs for 40 minutes. my wife has been enjoying the club as well. its so fun! join a gym! lift weights! climb stairs!

have a very merry Christmas everyone. develop your plan to tackle those '09 goals and kick butt!!


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