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Sunday, November 02, 2008

for now....a few pictures....

it went great. we had a great time! lots of fun. everyone had a great time; it was awesome.


  • Congratulations! Stunning, she looks stunning. And you don't look half-bad. :P

    By Blogger Mia Goddess, at 10:32 PM  

  • yeah!!!!! congratulations to you both!!

    By Anonymous Audrey, at 10:47 PM  

  • Your wife is so pretty! How did you ever manage to catch a girl like her? ;-)

    By Blogger MARLA, at 6:16 AM  

  • Awww. You look great! What a beautiful bride you have! Congratulations to you both.

    By Anonymous Annalisa, at 6:35 AM  

  • Congratulation! You both look gorgeous and so happy.

    Love the photobooth pics!

    By Blogger Ali, at 7:08 AM  

  • well done!!

    By Blogger Danny, at 4:04 PM  

  • congrats, brent!

    she looks beautiful and you both look very happy. looks like you found the secret to a successful marriage. "marry out of your league" ;)

    By Blogger jeff, at 4:30 PM  

  • Congratulations!

    By Blogger mg, at 7:42 PM  

  • Congratulations Brent, you're a great looking couple!

    By Blogger Jack, at 11:54 AM  

  • Long overdue congratulations.

    By Blogger Jank, at 7:48 PM  

  • congrats! it looks like it was a lot of fun - love the dress! thanks for leaving the pics up so us slacking bloggers can still see!


    By Blogger HouseRunner, at 10:24 PM  

  • Awwww! What a beautiful bride! You guys look great!

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:41 PM  

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