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Monday, December 01, 2008


wow i can't believe it has been a whole month! well, yeah i guess i can believe it. our schedules have been crazy since the wedding. i think we have had one weekend in the past month where we did not have a ton going on. but even then, we are still settling in to our 'married' routines! we went grocery shopping once and it seemed like a huge event. we felt so proud of ourselves! ahh the little things.

a very belated thanks to you all for your comments / congratulations! hehe, funny.

this is going to sound weird but one of the biggest changes for me since getting married is that i now have a cat. crazy. i am not a cat person. there is no way i ever envisioned owning a cat. ever. but when you're wife has a cat, YOU have a cat too. i guess? i figured i'd give it a month to see how it went. the cat is not super friendly and well, since i don't understand cats, its just a big adjustment, hehe.

she just stares at me. when i watch tv, check email, pick my nose, or whatever. what if she decides to attack me? heh. when i see her stare at me like this, in my mind i'm thinking that she is thinkg "dude i'm about to attack you, any second now...".

seriously, why are you staring at me cat? but alas, we seem to be getting along ok, all things considered. my wife has been out of town since last friday (in another wedding). so it has been me and the cat. she basically sleeps a lot. but sometimes she is hyper.

or how about this picture? does she not look displease with me? :)

leading up to this trip with my wife out of town, i thought it would be some nice "me" time...you know: run, watch LOTS and LOTS of football and yell at the tv, and so forth. but i got kind of lonely!

i did go to a hockey game with my sister which was a lot of fun (even though the gophers lost), and then i went to hang out with some old high school buddies the next night which was a lot of fun as well. funny, it has been about 13 years since we graduated from high school and we have all experienced big changes (families, real jobs, etc), but some of our conversations and the camaraderie are still the same. heh. good times.

running has sucked lately. last week i ran 24 miles on 3 runs, then about the same the week before that. i have been lifting more however, which i'm digging.

tonight i liked the routine i put together:
-front lat raises
-those lawn mower raises to the armpit (i forget what its called)

-bench press
-upright rows

-side lat raises
-walking lunges

good routine. i kept the rest periods to a minimum and did the first three exercises in a circuit, repeat. then the next three in a circuit, repeat. then next four, repeat.

my weekly running mileage has been lower as i don't have a good goal at the moment. plus its colder (although this hasn't been a huge issue yet). i don't have a gym membership currently.

wedding life is good! well i guess i better stop for now, i could post for days. we'll see how much time i have on my hands in the upcoming weeks to post random thoughts. something tells me things will remain busy through Christmas. changes are brewing on the job front as well....a bit stressful.

later dudes!! hope everybody is doing well.


  • My husband hated cats. Then I bought myself one and then a stray showed up on our doorstep so we have two now. The love him. You know cats usually gravitate to the person who ignores them. Their weird that way. So not like a dog. Which we have one, and she loves the cats too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 PM  

  • I remember when we were first married, all the little domestic things were so exotic. I would open the refrigerator and say "oh look at our little married milk!"

    Don't worry about the cat, you will get used to each other. I was not a cat person until I actually had one of my own. they can bond very strongly with their humans.

    what are these lawnmower things??

    By Blogger MARLA, at 6:05 AM  

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