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Friday, October 03, 2008

final pre-race run

ran one time around harriet earlier tonight (2.8 miles). seemed to go ok i guess. i have a weird pain on the side of my right foot. hehe! these 'phantom' injuries are just crazy. how is it possible? its so weird. everything goes away on race day.

today i went back and forth between nervous and excited. stupid summit hill! i hate that thing. i drove the course last weekend though and it is going to be a beautiful run over the last 6 miles, up the river road.

i keep telling my fiance that i only have to run 5 miles (which she doesn't quite buy into). here's my take though: first, i run 20 miles but that doesn't really count because i have run 20 plenty of times before and it will be no problem at all. then i have to run 5 tough miles. the last 1.625 miles doesn't even count because that is all down hill and adrenaline.

so, 5 tough miles. race begins in 1 day, 36 hours...


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