Poignant Irrelevance

Sunday, September 28, 2008

at what point do i let myself become excited about the weather for oct. 5th? so far it looks ok to me. maybe a little warm but after last year, a high temp in the upper 60's or even low 70's is going to be ok by me. maybe not preferable, but i don't think anyone can use the weather excuse when the temp for most of the race is in the 60's, and that would be fantastic.

my 12-miler yesterday morning went fine overall, not much to report there. i kept it pretty steady around 9-minute pace and then ran a stronger last mile to make sure i still had some kick in me.

i think these last long runs can play tricks on the mind...you start to wonder if you can only run 10-15 miles. i always need to mentally check back on my previous 20-milers (ran 3 this summer), and my nice 25k race where we finished with an 8:05 average but ran negative splits.

i have a couple phantom injury tweaks here and there, but i know they will fade by race day.


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