Poignant Irrelevance

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

toeing the line in about 10 more days. run tonight was ok.

i cannot express the excitement i will have on race day morning if the weather is nice. and while i didn't train diligently this summer, my level of frustration will be beyond repair if the weather is warm and / or humid. too early to call at this point.

i noticed a song called l0ve l0ckd0wn by kanye at #1 on itunes -- never heard of it but sample sounded ok. very cool. i'm sure i will get sick of it but the newness has not worn off yet. cool vibe. i'm digging it. gotta put together a short playlist to pscyh myself up night before and on the way to the race the morning of. this one will make cut. space for the papa is kind of a good one too (although a slow starter).

i better go to bed.

i almost ran over this little guy (and 3 of his friends) with the lawnmower couple weekends ago. scared the crap out of them and me (they were burried in the grass, which wasn't even that long!). haven't seen 'em for a while but something tells me they are still nearby.


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