Poignant Irrelevance

Monday, February 04, 2008


on tuesday night i had a dinner to attend. fast-forward to wednesday: stomach flu! i think something i ate did not agree with me, i felt miserable all wednesday and thursday. even friday and the weekend i was not feeling up to par.

however the upside is that i was basically forced to rest my foot. it has been feeling great lately! i have been walking around pain-free during the day which has been so great, words cannot adequately describe it. i am able to keep up with the flow of lunch-hour traffic downtown once again. ahhhh. i was getting trampled for a while there.

tonight i jogged 3.2 miles, temp low 30's, and about 1/4" tightly packed snow. not exactly even footing but not too uneven either. i think my foot feels ok! hopefully tomorrow it will feel ok too.

i'm beginning to lose focus on my training again. i'll blame my foot. february looks busy again at work, so i'm getting discouraged. first things first, hopefully my foot is back on track.


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