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Saturday, January 26, 2008

foot doc, part 2

i have read a lot of reviews of spirit of the marathon and i think people are giving out too much information!

i say, let other people enjoy those little details and nuances that you found interesting, i don't see the need to post a blog entry that covers the whole movie eh? i am a little confused on why people feel the need, but to each their own. if you haven't seen it yet, i'd stay away from any entry that talks about it whatsoever. i will not spoil any details for you however.

great movie. 20 seconds into the preview of the movie, i wanted to go run 20 miles. what i loved the most about the movie is that i feel they captured the essence of running (and TRAINING for a marathon). maybe that is because i can identify so much though. i loved the unique aspects of each runner they chose to follow as they trained.

just a really great, entertaining movie. well worth the ticket price. i'm completely biased, i freely admit that. heh heh. while i was watching i kept thinking to myself, running a marathon is so fun.

ok, now on to other stuff.

by the time i saw foot doc #2, my foot was feeling better. no twisting, pinching, pulling, etc. that he did made my foot hurt, so he didn't even take x-rays. he asked me a lot of questions about my running and what i was doing before it got hurt etc. so that was great.

he gave me a lot of advice but i won't bore you with it. the net if it was that he recommended a particular insert called 'superfeet', and also to ease back into it and listen to my body for clues on how much to push it.

so i am going to keep easing back into it this week. very busy times at working on the horizon though, february is going to be insane. i'm headed to the east coast for 3 days this upcoming too. i'll post when i can, meanwhile everyone try to get tickets for the feb 21 showing of the spirit of the marathon!


  • I used superfeet for a while, in that case it really was caused by my shoes. Once I swapped to Mizunos I didn't have any of thoes same issues.

    Safe travels to you!

    By Blogger Rae, at 7:00 PM  

  • good to hear that you're over the foot pain.

    i use superfeet in all my backpacking boots and those things are fantastic. i've never worried about insoles in running shoes, though.

    good luck easing back in and get rest when you can!

    By Blogger jeff, at 4:23 PM  

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