Poignant Irrelevance

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

tonight's run sucked because i got bored and just wanted to be done. burnout seems to sneak up on me at the weirdest times. i guess holiday stress, last minute shopping, and so forth. i think mainly i just need a couple nights of good long sleep. my diet is not super clean at the moment and i know that is affecting me too.

vacation....only days away........i can do it..........

i ran 9.4 in 1:27 with AHR of 132. did not finish until about 10:45pm. i can't run tomorrow because i will be attending a holiday party of sorts. friday: more last minute shopping? saturday: christmas #1. sunday: last minute shopping? monday: christmas #2 tuesday: christmas #3 wednesday: relax? thursday: christmas #4.


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