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Sunday, August 12, 2007


saturday morning, ran 14 miles. average pace 10:00. fortunately, it was a pretty uneventful run. i can tell i have a nice reserve of energy in the tank when i'm running at 10:00 or slower. toward the end of the run there is a little hill that starts at lake calhoun and ends as you reach lake harriet. i must have been around mile 12 or 13 by then; i decided to run up that hill with determined confidence (maybe a 9:00 pace?), mostly because i was a little bored. no problem, it did not impact me much at all.

right after my run i scrambled to get ready to golf 18 with my bro. i didn't have time to ice the arch of my foot (as i have been after nearly all of my runs, in hopes of warding off any plantar fasciitis stuff). we walked 18. it was great, and my foot was fine. it was darn hot though, i got a little fatigued on the last 3-4 holes. i think i double-bogeyed the last 3 holes.

i arrived back at my car at about 4:30pm. i had received a ticket on my windshield, time-stamped 4:08pm for "expired registration". i had until midnight on august 10th to renew my tabs. saturday was august 11th. THAT SUCKS. my car was sitting in the lot of a freakin' golf course, people! $95. just pisses me off to no end.

i have to go to NY on monday morning, back on tuesday night. i'm going to drive my gf's car until then. this week is supposed to be my peak training week of the program, 55 miles with a 20 on saturday. given that i have to travel, its going to be tricky. i simply won't have time on tuesday to run 12 miles because of my schedule. but i don't want to run 12 back-to-back either. i'll have to study the plan and figure out a strategy.

the schedule for the week as stated by pfitz is as such:

6 (with speed work), 12 (with 7 at MP), rest, 12, 5, 20, rest.


  • Oh, we got a ticket for the same thing! Our reg expired in July and we had the new tags, but we also had to change the license plates and were dragging our heels on that. I was going to protest it, but couldn't get a court date when I'd actually be in town. I waited til the very last day to pay it. Fight the power!

    By Blogger Dori, at 10:00 AM  

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