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Thursday, August 09, 2007

a breather

guess what the schedule said today? rest day! YESSS.

i watered the front lawn a bit, ran the dishwasher, washed a load of clothes (mostly running clothes), put away / hung up about 2 loads of clean clothes that i have been neglecting, and cleaned / dusted the wood floor upstairs.

i will say that it is a little tricky to keep the house clean and keep up with all of the other 'parental' duties (as it relates to the house), while working and trying to run the miles pfitz expects me to log. i rarely have free time during the week.

i'm also spending way too much money on food because i'm buying the fresh salads, pastas, and other pre-prepared food from the deli at the grocery store near my place. its a more expensive grocery store but its so darn convenient because its just up the road. i've made my own pasta once (or maybe twice) since moving.

not to much else is going on. my gf has been away since aug 2, and i pick her up from the airport on aug 16. kind of lonely around here!

oh, another thing that i didn't anticipate,was having some difficulty in figuring out how to furnish this place. i don't know what to do! keep my old (somewhat pleathery) couch? if so, how do i find a matching smaller one to go next to it upstairs? if i were to buy 2 new couches, what kind? what color? high-end? medium-end? what would i do with the old couch? what color should the main level and lower level rugs be? of what quality? what sort of armoire thing am i going to buy for the main level? when do i get my new tv? what will i purchase to put the new tv in? stuff like that.


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