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Thursday, August 02, 2007

and on the 8th day, he rested

last fall during my peak training weeks, i ran in excess of 30 miles a total of 3 times (32, 39, 37). during the winter months, my "peak" weeks were between 20 and 25 miles (hit this range 4 times).

in 7 consecutive days ending on tuesday of this week, i logged 63 miles (roughly 12, 6, 6, 12, 13, 6, 8). yowza! for someone with my running history (as described above), when you run 63 in that short period of time, you might as well write down the top 5 most common running injuries on little pieces of paper and throw them into a hat. after your 7th day, you get to draw one out of the hat!

ha ha. which one do you think i drew? runner's knee? shin splints? ripped toe nails? plantar fasciitis?

hmmm....the suspense.......


plantar fasciitis! hehe.

it came on suddenly. referencing this diagram at wikipedia, i had pain at the "14%" area for an entire hour of a 2-hour run. it sucked, i just wanted to stop running but i couldn't get home unless i used my own two feet to run back. it felt like i was running in flat shoes with no support (they are fairly new shoes, my standard asics 2120s). no heel pain though. no pain right in the morning either. i experienced some moderate, similar pain during the next 2 runs following the 1-hour episode.

i won't blabber on about what it, some info here. it seems very early stage, and something that could either flare up and get worse, or improve over time? we'll see. i took today off too.
i might run an easy hour on friday, then we'll see how my 15 goes on saturday. that could be the real test as to whether this will be chronic or if can be dealt with using all of the recommended strategies that i've read about.
thanks to those that inquired about me given the crazy stuff w/the bridge collapse. i've been logging entries in this blog since '03 and not once have i mentioned any national/international tragedy or crisis because i can't possibly say the right thing, in context with observations about running and so forth. but this was local so i guess i should say something. all of my fam and friends are safe, for which i am extremely thankful. two colleagues traveled across the bridge that afternoon for an off site lunch meeting; crazy eh? my thoughts and prayers go out to those involved whether direction or indirectly.


  • Wow, 63 miles is a lot of miles! Sorry to hear about the PS. You're the third person I've read about who has it. I've been feeling the effects of increased mileage my own self, but so far no problems.

    Glad you or your loved ones weren't on the bridge that horrible day.

    By Blogger Dori, at 9:46 AM  

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