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Sunday, July 22, 2007

last week ali asked the question, how does it feel to run 40+/week? tired? sore?


i've been thinking about it for a while. oddly enough, i'm not sure how to answer!

my primary observation is that i rarely feel "fresh" on a run. i don't always feel tired necessarily, but i rarely feel all fresh and fast out there. i'm also used to having fridays off (and mondays), but this schedule typically calls for a recovery run on every friday (with speedwork on monday). this is the one time where i'd rather recover on the couch or spend some time on some other aspect of my life besides running. it can be hard to push myself out the door on friday and monday.

on the other hand, last year after any run that stretched longer than 12 miles, i was so dang tired and "out of it" for the rest of that day. i'd usually take a long shower and then zone out while i watched some tv. then later in the day i would need a good nap. this year, i come home, take a shower, then proceed with my day, while working in a short nap before the day is over. its pretty sweet. i ran 18 on saturday morning; and then went furniture shopping.

another challenge is scheduling in enough good carbs during the week-- because i'm running so much, i can't just eat whatever food, even if its healthy. i have to eat some form of carbs that will help me with my runs. its hard to do because i don't have a ton of time to make my own pasta.

well thats all for now, i better get some stuff done before bed. more later in the week, maybe. this past week i ran 50. this week will be super busy at work so i'm doubtful i can live up to "the plan" which will be hard to deal with.


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