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Friday, October 27, 2006

quick update

i'd like to be able to say i've cleaned my fridge, but it hasn't happened yet. heh. i will let you know. on the plus side, the cucumber is getting smaller and smaller every day. pretty soon it will just evaporate and i won't have to even touch it. ha ha!

my crazy week at work is over, whew!!!!! those 16 hour days just kill me. i did not do so great with my diet but i don't feel like dwelling on it, so i won't. back on schedule this week.

i came across hal higdon's winter training thoughts. not sure how i missed these last winter. i absolutely have to follow some sort of official schedule like this or i won't reach the standards i have in mind this summer (and beyond). i just don't seem to be very consistent when i'm not following somebody else's schedule. know what i'm sayin'?

tomorrow we are going to a wedding and sunday we are getting together w/family. i hope to get lots of sleep in between, in order to recalibrate myself.

later dudes.


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