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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 16

tonight i ran outside for the first time since the 'thon. for those of you counting at home, that means i did not run outside for 15 consecutive days (and only 1 indoor treadmill run post-thon).

the run felt very cumbersome at best. i ran 3.9 miles in 36:41, ave pace 9:22. not that i was keeping track! in truth i did not know how fast/slow i was running until i got home and downloaded the run.

it felt very, very cumbersome. no pains though so thats good (hey i'm looking at the bright side here).

brrrr it was cold. i fought a headwind on the final stretch of my 2 laps around the neighborhood. the pundits claim the wind was gusting to 22 mph, making it feel like 35 F. brrr. do i get to count it as my first outdoor winter run this season?

outdoor running in chilly temps is my nemesis. i have a few strategies for the winter though. more on that at a later date.

after running, i hit the weights for another 6-7 sets of chest. i stretched a lot before and after; hopefully i won't be so bloody sore this time around.


i wanted to quit this week. i don't know what has come over me, post-thon. i feel a bit complacent, a bit lax.

i'm trying to fight through it though.

i've been feeling hungry. i've been trying to fill those pangs with fruit and salad but i am not always successful. a big challenge for me is in the morning. on average i'm at work between 6:30am and 7:15am. by 9:30 or 10, i'm freakin' starving man! oh well.

tomorrow is my weigh-in. we'll see how it goes. i bet my avg daily calorie intake was 1600 - 1800. i think i did a little better this week but its such a long road yo. you can work hard for a whole week and not really feel any different. it can be discouraging, even though it adds up in the long run.

get it? in the long run? ha ha.


  • good job on getting out for a run.

    what about bringing oatmeal (instant packet) to work or a protein shake? my bad time is 2-4pm ... jubes ... chocolate almonds ... chips ... it's a nightmare!

    By Blogger Ali, at 10:52 AM  

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