Poignant Irrelevance

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

saturday's long run was just under 14 miles in 2:09. tonight's run was 10.1 miles in 1:34.

nothing very exciting happened on either run. on saturday's run i threw up in my mouth a little bit (it was more of a verp); it tasted like a mocha gu. yuck. i knew i should have waited a while longer before partaking in that gu packet. the weather started out chilly (high 50's or low 60's), which was a nice treat.

tonight the most notable thing that happened was some moron told me to, "use the running path, buddy". the running path from lake harriet to calhoun is pretty crappy so sometimes i use the bike path because its pretty nice. but on my last week of marathon training before the taper, i don't need some jerk-off calling me "buddy" or telling me where to run. particularly when he is riding his bike slow enough to use the running path anyway. get off your bike and try a real sport you bastard! its my last week of hard training, don't mess with me.

i ran 10 tonight because i have my weigh-in tomorrow night. i shoulnd't even go, i didn't follow any plan over the last week due to carbo-loading, visiting the grandparents out of town, and going out to dinner one night. i think i'm about flat or up just slightly. not a big deal though, i'm focused on the running this week. the diet is ok, just not exact; i'm can be a perfectionist at times so it feels like i'm not following it at all but in truth i suppose i'm not doing that badly. sorry for the boring post dudes, i'm a little tired! :)


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