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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

mileage potential?

tonight i ran around 9.5 - 9.7 miles in 1:35.

the polar says 9.3 miles, but i added in the error factor that was discovered during my half-marathon race. if its off by 2% (a conservative estimate), i ran 9.5 miles; if its off by 4.8% (as in the half), i ran 9.75. little bit o' this, little bit o' that.

i'm starting to wonder how many more miles per week my body could actually withstand. i don't want this to sound the wrong way, but i do feel like i could just as well run another 10 miles tomorrow too. now, these aren't fast miles, but i'm still out there running for an hour and a half. could i actually run, lets say, 40 miles a week injury-free?

hmmmmmm. i'm intrigued.

i tried to keep relaxed and steady pace for tonights run. i did not want to push it at all. i felt tired during mile #1 but then i managed to settle down and get my breathing under control.


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