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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Starting Over

Worked my first few days at the new gig last week. Doing that work is like breathing for me. Well, that's probably a little strong but you know what I mean. On my way in as I walked the skyways and jumped in to the hustle and bustle of downtown, I took a few deep breaths and thought to myself...AHHHHH. I couldn't help but smile and feel energized. Love my new gig so far. March and April are going to be pretty intense though so maybe at that time I'll be thinking to myself, as I wander around in a sleep deprived daze, CRAP!

So anyway, speaking of starting over. Or shall I say, re-starting? I'm going to start p90 all over again on week 1. For about 3 weeks I haven't been following it with any consistency for one reason or another. And once you miss one week, the next week its easy to say, screw it!

I'm not a big of staring all over on something versus pushing through (and just keep going!). Like in marathon training, you can't just start over; the process of building a base and then following a plan the best you can from start to finish can't really be restarted. You can't get half way up a mountain and then just say, I'm starting over at the bottom! You gotta keep going. Or call in a rescue team.

But the way I'm viewing it is that weight lifting is also like building a base. And with p90, you do the same routine in weeks 1-3 and then again in week 9, and week 11. But you can do more reps/heavier weight/more intensity etc.

My new gig requires me to get up at 5:15AM at the latest though. So p90 at 4AM? Hmmmm


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