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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well its good to know you guys are still there!

You know my fitness level and background so I won't go into it, but keep in mind that perspective regarding my p90x impressions.

So far I've completed chest/back, shoulders/arms, yoga (ha ha), and legs/back. Only 4 workouts so its hard to really provide a lot of analysis. I can't comment on its effectiveness in such a short tme but I can give my impressions and let you know how it feels.

The first thing that comes to mind is that you have to keep your calories under control with very little slippage, or you're going to have to add some additional cardio to get really good results. That probably goes for any fitness regimen though eh?

The focus is on higher repetition with very little rest in between exercises. Excluding warm-up and cool down, each routine is probably in the 50-minute range.

I bought a pull-up bar thingy because you do a lot of pull-ups. Well, the people on the DVDs do a lot of pull-ups. My strength-to-bodyweight ratio is such that I can't do pull-ups, suck! But I can use assistance to get all the way up (chair) and still get the effect.

Yoga...I have to comment. I almost skipped it altogether but my wife encouraged me to try it so I did!

I didn't like it, I'd rather work out. Ha. Its too slow and relaxing, if I'm going to workout I want more intensity. But I've only done it once so if I manage to try it again maybe it'll be more...fun? Not likely.

I've been sore each day following a session, so that's a good sign. Today my calves were sore as well as the glutes! More later on what its like to be bouncing around in front of a tv in your living room.

Here was my heart rate during the legs/back routine. Averaged about 115. Seems like I could have worked myself harder at the gym by doing more intense exercises like heavy squats, leg extensions, and so forth. But did my legs get tired? yes. Was I able to complete every exercises no problem? No, I could not. Legs/back routine: mixed review? Its too early though, I've had good sucess with these low weight high rep routines in the past so we shall see.


  • will we get video of you bouncing around your living room?

    By Blogger jeff, at 9:42 AM  

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