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Saturday, October 17, 2009

pictures etc

Thank you everyone for your comments, they did help me down off the post-marathon ledge.

I am more convinced than ever that my poor tapering was a key factor. Not only the volume, but the poor quality. I dialed back the effort to 'save' my glutehammy.

The weekly mileage leading up to the race was:
16 (+ race)

I know it doesn't seem drastic but it felt horrible to go from avg mileage of 60 down to 30 and 16. I was supposed to run 30 miles in the 6 days leading up to the race (vs. 16).

I gave it what I had on race day though, and while that doesn't get me a better time, it has helped me get through the disappointment.

Next year I'll have a big decision on trying to hone in on just the right program to follow. Maybe I go back to pfitzinger's 55 mile peak program. If I can get in 3-4 20 milers, I think 55 miles / week might help me to stay healthy. We shall see though, its a long way off!

Anyway, that's boring stuff and more for me to read through. I've been resting physically and mentally from the long grind of training, and looking to get back to some consistent workouts this week.

I heard that I beat out about a dozen qualified candidates including a profess0r and lawyer. Good thing I didn't know that during the interviews! My whole attitude during the interviews was along the lines of I'm awesome, you guys all suck, and I don't even know if this is going to be a fit for me so bring it on with your dumb questions. As per the usual, I won't be talking about work here but things seem going fine and I'm learning a lot of interesting things. My days fly by, its crazy. Ok, that'll all be deleted.

Here are a few pictures! I can't get them in order for the life of me but one of them is a candid shot of me bodygliding up the toes (had no idea my wife took that picture), then keeping loose by being goofy before getting ready to leave, then 2 shots of me after the finish (one tired, leaning on a car door contemplating my epic failure), then last night picture of wife and I at a wedding. Later dudes!


  • well i do like the wedding one over the toes/body glide one :) you two are cute! glad work is working out so far!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:02 PM  

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