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Thursday, March 05, 2009

general update, nothing interesting

yesterday i ran 9 miles, played some racquetball for 13 minutes, and then climbed stairs for 25 minutes. by dinner, i was completely STARVING.

and the winner was??? frozen pizza: not necessarily the post-workout meal of champions. i do somewhat regret that choice.

i should lift weights today but i'm thinking about taking a day off. i guess i'll see how i feel later on. this is my only chance for a rest day this week. i have a shorter run planned for friday and then another 2+ hour run for saturday. i should end up with close to 40 miles this week.

we are inviting my bro-in-law and his wife over on friday night for dinner. they are going to help us with planning our honeymoon to europe. they've been around the block so we hope to get some good tips and so forth. nice! we are thinking about rome, london, paris. originally we tossed around the hawaii idea, but it seems like once we decide to have a family, the europe trip would be essentially impossible. whereas, planning an extended weekend vaca to hawaii in 5 or 10 years seems more plausible.

on that note, yesterday i went to a library for the first time in at least 10 years. we bought the rick steve's europe book, but then i figured i'd check out the specific countries at the library for FREE. novel idea.

boring post, i can't think of anything interesting to say. later dudes.


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