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Thursday, September 11, 2008

burnout city

as of thursday night, i have been on 1 run so far this week (and it was a little under 3 miels). i'm mentally burned out dudes. i checked the log book-- same thing same time last year. after 15 weeks of somewhat regimented running and following someone else's schedule, i'm feeling exhausted.

certainly the race took a little out of me as well i suppose. last year i was all worried that i used the one bullet in the chamber before the marathon @ the 25k race, but i think frankly its just a little bit of burnout kicking in.

plus its getting dark before 8! all i want to do is sleep and watch tv. instead of feeling sorry for myself tonight, i had me a really good lifting session.

i do have some other stresses/pressure going on with the 'big event' on the horizon as well, hehe. i will get back into the groove but man i've been really tuckered this week.

that is my least favorite thing about marathon training; near the mileage peak (right before the big taper), it takes away my joy of running. for just a little while.


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