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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

recovered, mostly

i ran my last 20 miler on this past saturday. wow it was a WET one! it was either misty or raining at least 70% of the 3 hour run. good times, good times.

i felt pretty good during the first 10 miles and then toward the end of the run i started to feel fatigued but i am ok with that i guess, seems normal. i had to make a conscious effort to keep my pace down pretty much the whole time so thats a good sign too i guess. i finished with 9:15 avg pace.

my 7 mile run tonight just went ok. i did not feel great or horrible, just ok. i was supposed to do 8 yesterday but had to work until around 8pm so i couldn't get it in. i'll sneak in a ew extra miles tomorrow if i'm able.

i have a minor gripe. the twin cities marathon is in 18 days but they still have not posted the 'september' newsletter on the website. come on guys! we are in the second half of the month now. wouldn't you think they'd have that sucker written by the end of august? oh well. maybe its such a hot issue they aren't sure how to handle it.

we played our 'first dance' song for my bro-in-law and his wife. they tried to dance to it but it was too fast. darn! now we have to start over on that front. couple other things we need to figure out but we are on the home stretch. woo hoo! have i mentioned that weddings are expensive?


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