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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

3.5 + 17

holy smokes i just checked the tcm website to see if there was anything new. i forgot about the countdown on the site: marathon is in 32 days! dang. i am not feeling ready. i was in a lot better shape last year. i guess i knew i would not be able to follow the schedule to the T this year, but nonetheless a small wave of panic has set in.

this weekend was the bachelor party. i met several folks at the sports bar near the 'dome before the gopher football game, then we headed over and met up with some others to watch the game in a suite (which my bro purchased and hooked us up with). thanks bro!

i had a lot of fun. it was nice to have everyone gathered together in one suite to chat and hang out while the game was going on in the background.

i think i had around 3.5 beers total plus one shot (or was it 2?). that's about as crazy as i get! i'm not a big alcohol drinker at all, which is probably quite shocking, ha ha. i was home by around midnight.

the following morning i got up around 6am and ran my 17 miles. i did not feel hung over, but i will say that every so often i did feel nauseous and had to slow down or walk. i had 1 gu before leaving the house and could not convince myself to take another one during the run. at one point i had a gu in my hand and then i put it back in my pocket. heh.

my fiance has had a couple wedding showers and has one more remaining before the wedding. we are getting all kind of gifts. i feel guilty about it. people are too generous.


  • So is the wedding before or after the marathon? Great job getting in the run in after your bachelor party!!! You're really handling all the planning and training so well!

    By Blogger Rae, at 3:13 PM  

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