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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


in case anyone is reading this that does not already read chad's blog, he linked to a post the other day that is easily one of my favorite so far this year:

in other news i have been communicating regularly with about 10 car salesman over the past 2 weeks. i am having trouble coming up with a car that i like, and that also fits into my budget :)

very frustrating. lexus has been the most arrogant so far -- great follow-up until they knew i wanted one minimally equipped, and at a rock-bottom (but fair!) price. good, at least they were easy to eliminate!

there is a guy at infiniti, he will only call me back via phone. no matter how many times i email him and express to him that i am working all the time and i can't sit around discussing car negotiations on the phone at the office, he always calls me back. he has not emailed me back once. funny.

i need to take delivery of something by saturday, or monday at the latest. i have no idea what i'll end up with at this point! :)

i test drove the TL again last night but i'm not sure i like it. this is the curse of over-spending on a lease and then trying to step down to a more reasonable car. i still cannot believe i leased my current car. what was i thinking? i had no mortgage at the time so i threw caution to the wind. stupid me.


  • hmmm....the no e-mail guy clearly doesn't want anything in writing laying around...

    the last time i bought a car i TOTALLY eliminated places that i got a bad vibe from. in my case, people treated me like an idiot probably (i suspect) b/c i was a woman and i looked like a teenager (i was 21). i was so annoyed. i wonder if people will treat me differently 6 years later with my mad lawyerly negotiation skillz. i am still a woman though. i have a feeling that you, with all of your data and biz confidence, project a different image than i did years ago.

    good luck with the decision. exciting! but yes, stressful. how long is the lease for?

    By Anonymous Audrey, at 12:07 AM  

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