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Sunday, August 24, 2008


saturday's 17 went pretty well overall. i had some foot pain around 2 hours again (2:08 to be more specific), but no limping or ache for the rest of the day. awesome. the weather was amazing for this run; most of the time it was in the high 60's, and then likely reached the low 70's in the last hour. there were some very cool breezes coming off the lakes at times, which felt like a giant glass of cold water. invigorating.

i had no idea until right now that i ran mile 12 in 8:04. i guess i felt really good at that point or maybe there was a rockin' song playin' on the ipod? i probably ran this 17 faster than i should have but i felt fine out there. i did not hit the stop button during any of my water breaks so i think that is why some of the splits are a tad erratic-looking. the average pace was almost exactly the equivalent of a 4-hour marathon pace. we all know the fun begins right around mile 18 though.

i did not even take a nap following this run. just a normal day! sweet.

the future in-laws are all coming in to town this upcoming weekend so it is going to be hectic around here. speaking of which, i better go get a few things done around the house.


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