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Friday, August 01, 2008

it seems like i should write something! my free time seems so sparse these days, hard to sit down and write anything on a regular basis.

last week i ran 58 miles, my highest ever! sweet. i ran 19.7 miles on sunday starting at 3pm, and it was humid. this week i felt worn down plus i was busier w/other commitments, so i'll probably end up with around 35 miles (way below the goal of mid to high-40's?).

oh well! i feel like i'm doing what i can.

i am short on sleep. i forget how important getting enough sleep is, until i slog through a week of running on empty. next week is a VERY busy week at work so i'm really hoping i can somehow rest this weekend? the odds seem low of that happening though.

people are starting to ask us when we are going to have kids already! holy moses. i guess part of it is that we are older but dudes, please let us get through wedding planning eh? i haven't even picked out a tux yet! in some ways i wish we were in our mid-20's so it didn't feel like we had this unspoken pressure to have kids soon. we both want kid(s) but if it was a perfect world, i'd like to wait 2 years. you know, travel, go see the world together and so forth?

when i had my first 'test' w/the personal trainers (in march or aprl?) i believe i could do 20 pushups. i had another re-test this week. i'm up to 47! sweet! my bench press went up nicely too. unfortunately i don't think my body-fat % went down though. i don't have the #'s but he said all of my pinches were only down by about a millimeter or so. i also gained 5 pounds in about 2 months. that pisses me off a little bit! oh well whatever. i need to go to bed.

oh one last thing, i need to give my car back by august 20th. my lease expires. i have been completely obsessed with car research for about 2 weeks. i bet i have 20 hours into it. its driving me insane. get it? driving? anyway, my heart wants the 300 hp infiniti g35x, but it only gets 19 mpg (on a good day?). i'm probably going to get '08 acura TL. they are trying to move them pretty aggressively before the new model hits the showrooms in september. i should be able to get it for around 2,500 below invoice. i'm going to miss my all-wheel drive.


  • Even if you were in your 20's ppl would still be asking that!! People are JUST SO NOSY!

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:15 AM  

  • Brent, I have an '06 TL and I love it. I bought mine at Bloomington and they price matched a price quote I got from White Bear. Sounds like you're on track to get a good deal, though. Get the GPS! I haven't had a car with AWD but the TL handles fairly well in the snow.

    People are way too nosy. I really do recommend enjoying some time just being two before expanding to three, especially since you haven't lived together yet and that can be a big adjustment. So people need to stuff it.

    Way to go with the 58 miles, that's awesome.

    By Blogger mg, at 12:41 PM  

  • Wow! 47 pushups is amazing!

    I am almost getting old enough that people don't ask me about kids anymore. But what I did when I was younger, and people asked "when are you going to have kids?" I'd look reallllly sad and say something like "well, of course we'd like to...." and then they would feel terrible.

    By Blogger MARLA, at 5:28 PM  

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