Poignant Irrelevance

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

has everyone been watching the Olympics? last couple nights i haven't so much but otherwise, its cutting into my sleep. gotta love it, its fun to watch. the only thing i can't get into is the gymnastics crap. otherwise, i've even been enjoying the swimming events. i cannot wait for the track and field events. 'tis going to be awesome.

stunning sunset tonight. deep purples, pinks, blues. good stuff. my garmin ran out of battery power around 2/3 of a mile ( i think i left it on all night), so i don't know my exact stats but i'm pretty sure i ran for about an hour. i was supposed to run 12 last night but got rained out and ran only 6. so i ran an hour tonight to make up for it. tomorrow i am supposed to run 12 but i have a training session so we'll see how many i get in. on saturday i'm supposed to get a 20-miler. doh. i better try to sneak in a few extra hours of sleep between now and then. somehow.


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