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Friday, July 11, 2008

what are your greatest fears in life? disease, dying young, not reaching my full potential, not taking enough risks due to fear of failure, not being a good student of the Word, not seeing my future kid(s) reach their full potential, falling into a routine that stifles my ability to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically.

i don't know if anyone else experiences this, but sometimes when i think about my career, its difficult to envision the next step. or maybe i get too comfortable, and then its tougher to think about a change. another difficult aspect is that i find my career to be rewarding on a number of levels. if it completely sucked it would be much easier to get off my duff and blaze a new path.

over the last 4 weeks, my weekly mileage has hovered around the mid-30's which is a little disappointing but i shouldn't complain. tomorrow i'm supposed to do 12 but i might bump it up a couple, we'll see. this week was a cut-back week, and next week is supposed to be 50.

i had one personal training session this week, but it was the first one in roughly two weeks. one of the trainers sent me an email calling me out and questioning my commitment level and my effort level. i'm going to assume that he forgot that i'm training for a marathon at the same time? but that is what a good trainer should be doing w/his clients: you raise your voice a little (figuratively speaking), and demand action. i replied to his email w/my running schedule for next week which is roughly:
monday: 10 miles, tuesday: 5 + training session, wednesday: 9, thursday: rest + training session, friday: 8, saturday: 18, sunday: rest.

in other news, we picked our photographer. we like him a lot but its going to come with a price.


  • I'm sure with wedding planning the training/working out has to be tough to squeeze in!

    Congrats on the photog, don't skimp on that one - the pics will really help you remember the blur of a day! A good photographer really is priceless! (We also spent a ton on the cakes because that was also high on my list! And they were SO good a year later!)

    By Blogger Rae, at 6:56 PM  

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