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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my lower back has been feeling kind of weird over the past 2 days. i'm assuming its just from lifting, and it'll go away. its like i pinched a nerve or something vs. sore back muscles.

i ran 10 miles tonight in about 1:32. yesterday i skipped a 4-miler to go to a training session; nonetheless i have logged about 38 miles on the last 7 days. i'm still behind schedule though. i'm trying not to freak out! :)

what comes along with increasing weekly mileage? i'm losing-my-mind-hungry all day. i hate this adjustment period. every time i cut back on miles and lose my appetite, i swear to myself that i won't go crazy when i start running more miles (so i can drop weight as i increase miles). but i get so freakin' hungry! it seems like after a month or so, i am able to adjust my food intake to match my weekly mileage. but the first month i'm just insanely hungry all the time.

well i just had to come here to ramble. sorry for the lame post! :)

lets spice it up with a picture! one of these is after the first couple sessions, and one of them is after about 2 months of sessions. i'm flexing has hard as i can in each. can you even tell which is which?


  • Pictures?? I don't see any pictures....hmmmmm!

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:13 PM  

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