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Sunday, July 06, 2008


my fiance's youngest bro is working for a minor league baseball team near appleton, WI for the summer. several family members drove over to visit for the july 4th holiday weekend; we watched 2 baseball games, and took a tour of lambeau at one point. i'm not a huge baseball fan but watching the games was a good time. the weather was perfect.

back on the subject of football -- i'm not a packer fan but the stadium is beautiful. i think we all came away with a desire to go back and watch a game there. its a great stadium. our tour guide was great as well so it was a fun time. the metrodome is so horrible!

on the pic w/me mugging for the camera, we sat in seats near the back of the end zone (first row). $59 face value per ticket, $100 / ticket to watch the packers play a crappy team, and $400 - $500 on avg to watch a good team and/or a rival like the vikes. youch! what a stadium though. top notch.

i ran 6 on friday night, then saturday morning i was to run 17. i ended up running 5 miles, then 15-minutes passed before i met up w/future bro in-law and we ran 11. close enough at this point.

this upcoming week is going to be another busy one on the planning front. i haven't cracked 40 miles / week yet and i believe that was supposed to happen during the 2nd week of june? just the way its going to be. i do need SOME sleep.


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