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Thursday, July 17, 2008

free time

tonight i arrived home from work at 7pm (was in at 6:45am), and i had a total of 30 minutes before i needed to go to my training session. i just arrived home and its 9:45pm. its not even our busy season yet (that starts next week). not a lot of free time!

some days i want nothing more than an 8-5 job. having 2 hours of free time at night instead of 30 minutes can make a world of difference.

tonight i had my first normal training sessions in about 10 sessions! rejoice! they had me on some sort of corrective shoulder routine for my rotator cuff or some such thing for about 10 sessions, and it wasn't a balanced workout so things were getting neglected. good for shoulder/rotator cuff, but not a whole lot of biceps, triceps, chest.

tonight the trainer told me flat out that i should be losing more weight based on the amount of time i workout each week. well amen! he thinks sleep and stress are a few of the main factors for me. have gave some scientific explanations as to what happens to the body under those circumstances.

only roughly 2 miles behind schedule this week so not too shabby overall. tomorrow i have 7 on the schedule and then its 18 on saturday! oh man i just know i'll be exhausted after that one.

after that i need to try on a tux or two. not looking forward to that but i need to get it done. i can't wait until we get the music figured out as well, that has been bothering me. i don't come from a musical background so the whole idea of choosing music for a big party does not compute. we might look at 3 or 4 piece jazz band type thing, but it has to stay w/in the budget. we went a little over on the photographer so now we need to see if we can cut a little in a few other areas.

have i mentioned that i paid the final lease payment on my car earlier this week?! 3 years has come and gone and now i need to find another car before august 20th. doh! not exactly good timing on that one.


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